Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

1) We have partnered with many great groups (Noonday Association ChurchesBuen Provecho RestaurantPorch Light Latin Kitchen, Marietta's Theater on the Square, The Coca-Cola Corporation, Apaza Music, MICLIPCIChoate Construction & many more) to combine efforts in getting supplies to Puerto Rico.

2) We have already sent several cargo planes & many 40' shipping containers with supplies to Puerto Rico. This will be an ongoing relief effort. Most of the island/3.5 million people will be without electricity & clean water, dealing with food shortages, etc for several months. Rebuilding the decimated island will take years.)

3) We are already working and laying the foundation for sending work mission teams from all over the U.S. to help with rebuilding Puerto Rico for the next 3 - 5 years. We have secured property & we are now raising money to build a large dormitory to house work teams. We will have more info about upcoming trips available soon.

Helping the Homeless in Greater Atlanta

We partner with several organizations & homeless shelters across Greater Atlanta to serve the homeless community in many different ways.

Using our years of experience organizing, mobilizing people, & executing community service events we help businesses, schools, churches & people come together to serve the homeless .

We create experiences that are a creative, custom, & complete volunteer event that can be tailored for any sized group. We make volunteering easy, meaningful, & impactful!


Helping Struggling Families & Children

We help, connect, and mobilize people, businesses & churches to provide hope & help to single moms, struggling families, battered women, orphan/foster children, the elderly & more in real, practical & tangible ways.

We organize community Serve Days for people to be able to help at different centers & shelters, as well as do mini-home improvement makeovers (painting, lawn care, minor home repairs, etc) for single moms, the elderly, & struggling families.


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